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Drupal Project Ideas

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Miscellaneous ideas for Drupal Projects.



views forms


Turn views into forms.


swfcharts module


An API for integrating swfcharts into drupal content easily. similar to the sparklines module but with more powerful graphics.




American Idol functionality for the web.


Node Draft


Drupal nodes currently has two published states, published and unpublished. There may be some interest in adding to this mix a 'draft' state which would allow a node to have a 'pre published' status.


Taxonomy Breadcrumb


Easily navigate content via taxonomy terms


Stored SQL


Allow creation of SQL widgets that can be saved as menu items, blocks, nodes, etc.




Idea would be to allow users a method of 'tagging' pages with notes, ideas. Like a shoutboard. Wouldn't interfere with actual content and would be very optional feature.




Allows Admins to access troubleshooting tips via built-in handbook and links in watchdog logs.


Native File Support


Native Email Management



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